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Digital Marketing

From search to social, we offer results-driven digital marketing backed by research, strategy, and clear objectives.

We are experts in:

Don't worry. We handle it all.

Don't worry.
We handle it all.


At D+C we look before we leap so every project goes through a rigorous strategy phase where we identify the campaign's best course forward.

Design Creative

Most digital marketing companies put design last and it shows. At D+C we believe you should be proud of your digital marketing with ads that exude great design.

Ad Copy

We get it, writing killer ad copy is hard. That's why our team will concept headlines, call to actions, and more so you don't have to.


You can't just set it and forget it. Successful digital marketing campaigns require constant iteration to stay ahead of your competitors and lower your costs.


Every month D+C provides a detailed report showing your campaign's results in clear to understand language with direction of what's next.


We identify what is working and put our efforts behind that, after all, successful campaigns should scale.

Featured Case Studies:

Featured Case Studies:

Branja Miami

Creating awareness and increasing bookings for a newly established high-end restaurant in Miami.

Mr.C Residences

Marketing new construction luxury residences in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Büro Miami

A campaign strategy increasing sales for a co-working space during the pandemic.

Buccan Palm Peach

Increasing revenue for a predominantly in-room dining establishment.

Botaniko Weston

We implemented our 360° digital marketing approach to sell out Weston's premier high-end luxury residences.

What sets D+C apart?

Aesthetically Charged

Our digital marketing banners are designed with purpose while keeping everything on brand. It’s all about turning heads, while staying on message.

We Are Data Obsessed

The goal is to build a profitable online digital marketing campaign that meets your goals. To that end, at Doodle + Code we won’t promise you unicorns and rainbows – that’s just fiction! We base our strategy and creative on a foundation of solid data, real analytics, and our experience.

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From concept and strategy to design and execution, we take care of all the necessities of your digital marketing campaign, and then some.