Doodle + Code improved Tomas Maier’s online fashion store by integrating Shopify eCommerce and look book-style shopping, enhancing user experience and interface functionality.


Our role:

Web Design/Development


Advanced integration of Shopify allowed for organized inventory management, order processing, and traffic control. With a responsive theme paying homage to the sophisticated Tomas Maier aesthetic, the website automatically adapts to the size of the screen, making mobile-ready checkouts simple. The abandoned cart recovery tool is an asset for Tomas Maier’s sales; it encourages existing clientele to revisit the store when they have begun an order. Doodle + Code developed an enterprise grade solution for Tomas Maier, upgrading security, APIs, and fulfillment while maintaining creative brand consistency. Look book-style shopping is also implemented in each fashion category, giving users the opportunity to purchase entire outfits rather than searching piece by piece.

The Tomas Maier brand is known for beautifully crafted swimwear and exquisite knits. By balancing understated design with European-made quality, the brand stays true to its roots with a full range of lifestyle products that communicate the classic and luxurious spirit of the German-based designer. The U.S.-based label owns stores in New York City, East Hampton, and Florida with products sold in hundreds of stores worldwide. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and DJ Harley Viera-Newton appreciate and wear the designs of Tomas Maier.

Doodle + Code have been responsible for 3 incarnations of the Tomas Maier website. Each experience demonstrated their dedication and professionalism with a minimum of complication and a maximum of service. We are very pleased with the product received from them, simple and easy to use as well as the follow up service they provide.

Andrew Preston
Director of Brand Image and Product Development