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Doodle + Code developed a website for Terra, an award-winning, South Florida-based real estate development company known for projects which have a positive impact on their surroundings and, by extension, on the people who live there.

Our Role

Website Design Prototype/Wireframe
Custom Development

UX & UI Design
Ongoing Support

terra mobile website screens


Pages of
Dynamic Content


Properties with
Intuitive Filtering


Neighborhoods with
Interactive Maps

Lots of Information Made Easily Digestible

D+C built a layout and structure that would provide an easy platform for navigating through many different projects, with both neighborhoods and property type as a form of browsing. The consistent grid structure throughout the site allows the user to easily understand the navigational structure as they move through the site content. 

Navigational Magic

With so many properties to show, D+C created an easy mobile navigation so that the user can navigate through all of the properties with ease, and not having to scroll to see all of the content. 

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