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Doodle + Code designed RightCoast’s brand identity, collateral, and marketing materials to reflect a forward-thinking and iconic company on the pulse of commercial real estate services and investment.

Our Role


Print Collateral

Through process and discovery, D+C decided to hone in on an approach that would bring about a logomark that is indelible and specific to RightCoast. A mark that is both literal, yet abstract enough to be timeless while rendering itself established and high-end as well as approachable and configurable.

“At the core, we wanted to design a brand that felt established and contemporary, but also look good enough to wear, by developing an icon and type treatment that reflected the surf and coastal love of RightCoast’s founder.”

Rony Tako, Creative Director

Doodle + Code helped us put our ideas into action. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

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